1. Why should enterprises join the SCORE program? What are the benefits of SCORE?

SCORE will facilitate SMEs to identify their business performance weakness through a focus approach. From the SCORE result, SMEs will be able to see which areas they need to improve in order to enhance their business performance. It will also enhance networking between high potential SMEs with multinationals and large corporations.

Through the SCORE assessment and ratings report, it will facilitate SMECORP in the provision of linkages to facilities in a more structured manner. This includes providing more attention and support towards the performance of SMEs whose rating is 3 star and below. SMEs who scores 3 stars and above will be selected to join international trade missions and other industrial networking programs.


2. What is the difference between SCORE and M-CORE?




SCORE (SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement)

A diagnostic tool used to rate and enhance competitiveness of SMEs based on their current performance and capabilities


  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses of SMEs in order to recommend measures for improvements;
  • Facilitate linkages of potential SMEs with large companies / MNCs; and
  • Link export-ready companies to MATRADE

M-CORE (Micro-enterprise Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement)

A diagnostic tool used to rate and enhance competitiveness of micro-enterprises based on their current performance and capabilities


  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses of Micro-enterprises in order to recommend measures for improvements.                                      

A programme which enables micro-enterprises to be assisted through an integrated approach with guidance, including strengthening their core business, building capacity and capability, and facilitating access to financing. Applicants will receive business and technical advisory services, aimed at enhancing their business potential.


3. Are we allowed to self-assess our company using the SCORE forms?

Yes. Companies are encouraged to carry the assessment on their own. However, the assessment will be verified by a qualified auditor through site-visit in order to produce a reliable and more meaningful assessment and SCORE rating.

5. Could the SCORE ratings be used to compare the level of excellent practices in foreign companies?

No. At the moment SCORE is only used for local Malaysian companies.

6. Are the SCORE markings for each parameter different?

The marking distribution for each parameter is different in accordance to its contribution to that sector and the importance for each parameter in every sector. Scoring system used by SME Corp. Malaysia has been conferred together with the industries, governing agencies and has been approved by the SME Corp. Malaysia technical committee.

7. Do we still need to undergo the SCORE program even though our company does not market our products internationally?

Yes, it is advisable to do so; your company’s name will appear in our database for financial and non-financial assistance. SCORE is a system to assess the level of business excellence in enterprises. Products made by the excellent enterprises are not limited only for export markets. These products are also in competition on the local scale. Therefore, it is recommended that enterprises participate in the SCORE program.

8. What kinds of assistance are available and how does the enterprise get to enjoy it?

The enterprise will be given assistance in a more orderly manner with the focus to improve the ability and capabilities of SMEs achieving 3 stars rating and below.

The companies that achieve 4 and 5 star ratings will be selected to participate in international trade missions and business networking program. They will be facilitated to linkages and networking with successful and multinationals companies.

SMEs are given guidance to improve their capabilities in order to apply for assistance and grants offered by government agencies (e.g., SME Corp. Malaysia & Malaysia Timber Industry Board (MTIB)) and financial institutions (e.g., Bank Rakyat & SME Bank).

9. How frequent should the company be assessed and when is the best time to get assessed?

The SCORE certification is valid for two years. However, companies can be assessed after one a year for a re-SCORE. Companies should be re-assessed once the company account has been audited and verified.

10. Do I have to pay a fee to be scored?

At the moment, SCORE assessment is free of charge.

11. Is the SCORE form available online?

Organizations applying for SCORE certification are required to submit an online application.

The online application page can be accessed via http://myescore.smecorp.gov.my.

The Application Form can be accessed via the online application page. All applicants must first   assess their organization using the appropriate SCORE Model for the SCORE certification that they are applying for.

12. In what language is the SCORE questionnaire and report?

The questionnaire and report of SCORE is in dual-language (English and Malay).

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The concept of SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement (SCORE), a diagnostic tool used to rate and enhance competitiveness of SMEs based on their performance and capabilities, was first developed and introduced in 2007.

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